Postpartum Social Circles

There are so many various social circles we enjoy: work friends, school friends, family, people from book club, people from church, my best friend, and the random cousin I like more than my other ones. We foster relationship, and our lives develop into this dynamic hodge-podge of people. It’s awesome.

It’s no surprise, then, that we get confused when someone has a baby. Should I do something? How can I help? Does she even need help? Well, she probably has family to take care of her anyway, so I’ll just leave it alone.

We’re not even that close. Is there anything I can do, really?

The short answer is: YES!

We’ve put together this very simple infographic for people in a woman’s life to use as they support her. Maybe this will give you your answer. Maybe it will confirm what you already know or correct what you’d disregarded. Maybe it will give you an idea or spur on inspiration of your own.

The point is: if you know a mom who is in her first weeks postpartum – whether you simply know about her or she’s your closest childhood friend – you have a part to play. It could be as big as helping maintain her house or regular visits to hold her baby while she showers. But the little things – prayer, encouragement from afar, or leaving a meal on her doorstep – matter just as much.

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