Marabou will not charge anyone’s account until after the total amount has been raised. If enough funds are not committed, then we will send an email to the registry owner. They can decide to extend the deadline, or cancel the registry gift.

The registry owner is under no obligation to pay the balance. If the registry owner does not want to pay the remaining balance on the registry, the registry is deleted. All credit card information collected on pledges is automatically deleted.

That is OK! Our service is there to support Moms after they give birth. Send out another call among family and friends to complete the gift registry as soon as possible so mom can start her service right away.

If Mom goes into labor VERY early (Prior to 36 weeks) and her child is in the NICU, then please contact Marabou Services through our “Contact Us” form or email us at support@marabouservices.com. 

NICU is a very challenging trial and we are committed to supporting her and her family in any way we can. Marabou Services is a unique tool we can leverage to coordinate community support and collectively provide for the needs of a family in distress. 

Yes! It is always a great idea to support a mother, no matter what stage she is in. The postpartum phase can last longer than we think and there are many services, including doulas, who are helpful any time after birth. Fill out our Start a Registry form or email us at support@marabouservices.com.

There are many great websites that can be used to find a doula!

Doulamatch.net is a great site for finding doulas of all specialties

Doulas of North America or DONA

Childbirth and Postpartum Association or CAPPA

Birth Arts International  or BAI

There may be local doula agency near you, your best bet will be finding them via a search engine.

Doulas are trained to be flexible to support Mom in the way she needs to be supported. There are many standard things a doula will do, however, if the Mom asks for something out of the ordinary, they will comply as long as it is ethical and they are comfortable providing the service.

Please see our “What is a doula” page for more information about what a postpartum doula does.

Doulas do typically care for the baby unless the mother is home (i.e. Mom can take a shower or take a nap baby-free). If Mom wants to leave home while the doula cares for her child that is between her and her doula.

Marabou’s mission is to bring peace to postpartum mothers. If for any reason the service you are receiving is not working out, contact us immediately at support@marabouservices.com and we will make the changes necessary to bring your peace.

There are no restrictions to the type of services a Marabou registry can provide. We recommend certain services for postpartum women due to market research, personal experience, and industry professional recommendations.

It is your postpartum. Don’t let us or anyone else tell you how to find peace.