Marabou will not charge anyone’s accounts until after the final amount has been raised. If enough funds are not committed, then we will send an email to the point of contact who initiated the account and inquire if they want to extend the deadline, or cancel the baby shower gift.

That is OK! Our service is there to support Moms after they give birth. Send out another call among family and friends to complete the gift registry as soon as possible so mom can start her service right away.

If Mom goes into labor VERY early (Prior to 36 weeks) and her child is in the NICU, as long as NICU the amount for NICU assurance has been reached we will cover her for her stay in the NICU. There will be no opportunity for a refund if the full service is not funded. 

Please contact us if you have a mother who has a baby in the NICU and you have not opened an account with us at We want to support her and her family in any way we can.

Yes! It is always a great idea to support a mother, no matter what stage she is in. The postpartum phase can last longer than we think and doulas can help throughout any length of time after birth. Let us know she has already had her baby via email at or make a note in the Start a Marabou Service Form in the special directions section.

That is great! Send us the contact information for the doula you know and we will get in touch. As long as they are willing to contract with us, we will use them first. Please send us their:



Phone Number

Website (optional)

There are many great websites that can be used to find a doula! is a great site for finding doulas of all specialties

Doulas of North America or DONA

Childbirth and Postpartum Association or CAPPA

Birth Arts International  or BAI

There may be local doula agency near you, your best bet will be finding them via a search engine.

Doulas are trained to flexible to support Mom in the way she needs to be supported. There are many standard things a doula will do, however, if the Mom asks for something out of the ordinary, they will comply as long as it is ethical and they are comfortable providing the service.

Doulas do typically care for the baby unless the mother is home (i.e. Mom can take a shower or take a nap baby-free). If Mom wants to leave home while the doula cares for her child that is between her and her doula.

That’s great! More babies! Doulas are a great resource to support mothers with twins, get started now to support that mama!

Doulas are there to bring peace and comfort as you recover and bond with your baby. As part of their profession, they are trained to accept that they will not be a good fit for all clients. It is commonplace for families to interview three to four doulas and choose one, so it’s normal for clients to move on with no hard feelings. It’s important that you’re comfortable with whoever is in your home first.


If you have any discomfort with your doula, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a new doula who is more compatible, or you can recommend one to us!