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Identify a service to support you postpartum. An example could be a postpartum doula, a cleaning service or a chef!

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We build a registry you  share with family and friends to get the whole village behind your postpartum recovery.

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Because we are a bootstrap business, we are significantly impacted by life situations. We recently had our fourth child and my husband is on a mobilization with the Navy. We have decided to take a break from building and maintaining Marabou Registries but we will return soon.

Over the last two years we've been able to help some amazing women find and receive services to support their postpartum journeys. We are passionate about taking care of postpartum mothers and have learned an incredible amount both about the importance of postpartum support AND about running a business.

When we return, we will apply all our new knowledge and skills to make this website superior and tailored to support women through their postpartum journey.

For the sake of postpartum peace,

Carrie Gaynor

*There is no financial obligation to starting a registry. If you do not get enough contributions to complete your registry, you will have the option to cancel the registry or fulfill the remaining amount yourself. 

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