Baby Shower Activity: Pray Your Friend into Motherhood!

Church groups and bible studies can be so good at supporting a mother as she works her way through pregnancy and into motherhood. This can be in the form of a baby shower or mother’s blessing, bringing meals after birth, or simply praying for her. Women together in a small group also know how to address and nurture the spirit. This can be such a blessing to a mom as she makes this major transition that can leave her otherwise out of sorts, confused and overwhelmed. When friends you know deeply check on you, this can be so meaningful.

It’s also encouraging when you know you’re in your friends’ prayers. Try this activity during your baby shower or mother’s blessing thrown with church or bible study friends, and you can be “together in your prayers” as she braves new motherhood:

  1. Print the prayer card (see here) on cardstock and cut the sheets in half.
  2. Have your shower or mother’s blessing guests write out a prayer for baby and mom on two cards – the same prayer on both.
  3. She’ll keep one and give the other to mom-to-be.
  4. When the birth is announced, she’ll pray her prayer (and as much as she wants to otherwise). Mom can read through all the prayers that her friends are lifting up for her after she delivers.

She’ll know that – in a way – she’s surrounded by a group of women that love her and her child they have yet to meet. This beautiful activity allows mom to have her peace and space after giving birth while knowing she has the support of those closest to her. Happy praying!

How does Marabou support women?

We live in culture where “bouncing back” is more valued than proper rest. As admirable as it may be for a sports star to get back on the field, the same rules don’t apply to postpartum recovery. The traditional resting period has been stolen from women through pressure to get back to their job or simply through lack of presence.

Grandmas, sisters and best friends who otherwise would have been there to help a woman transition into motherhood often live too far away to be of any help. Household chores and caring for older children inevitably fall on the mom. But she just delivered a new life! She needs rest. 

Marabou Services is a unique gift registry which provides services instead of stuff. Most mom’s get too many onesies, too many baby blankets and not enough helping hands. Break out of a destructive cultural norm and start a Marabou registry today.

Start a Marabou Gift Registry!

With a Marabou registry you can sing up for any service which will benefit you or someone you know during the postpartum recovery period.

Postpartum doulas for a first time mom

House cleanings for moms of multiples

Childcare for moms with older children!

Once your registry is created, add it to any other registry or post it to your Facebook and ask friends and family contribute to your postpartum service, rather than buying you more stuff.

More and more moms find they have to figure out postpartum alone. Is it any wonder why PMDs are on the rise? Or women are embittered by the journey of motherhood? We can change that by giving the gift of peace.