Marabou Packages

Because it takes a village

We as Americans are great at gifts. It’s easy to go out and buy a small gift that satisfies social obligations. Though gifts are always appreciated, they do little for mothers who need good intentions. Who need a physical presence to help with the laundry, the cooking, or older children. Small gifts do nothing to help a mother through her postpartum recovery.

A gift registry that gives support, not stuff

Postpartum doulas are the end-all-be-all of postpartum support. They take care of your:

Physical needs by tidying up your home and making small meals,

Emotional needs by being a listening ear and identifying common perinatal mood disorders, and

Informational needs by bringing their professional training to subjects like lactation, sleep, nutrition and more

Do you have specific dietary needs?

Does your partner have to work and dinners are daunting while you recover?

How are you going to feed your family?

We’ll find an in-home chef to cook meals right in your home just the way you want them.

Marabou pays for the food and you decide what meals you want and how you want them prepared.

The greatest challenge a new mother faces is transitioning peacefully with a new addition to the family.

That transition rarely includes being able to keep the house clean and tidy.

Let us find a professional house cleaning service that will clean your house top to bottom, including bathrooms, kitchen, and basement cobwebs.

For four weeks, you can let those household chores slide while you recover after childbirth.

For many women, this isn’t your first rodeo and going from one to two, or two to three is a big jump!

How are you going to keep the older kids engaged? Will you have the energy to entertain your older children while caring for your newborn?

Let us find a caregiver in your area who can take this load off your shoulders a few days a week and keep your older children’s emotional well-being steady while you recover from childbirth.

How does it work?

Once you have a Marabou Service you can add it to any baby registry (like Babylist) alongside other baby registry items.

What does it cost?

Customize your Marabou Service registry for as much or as little as your friends and family can support. You can choose the company or individual to provide the service. Marabou adds $50 to the final cost of the service for the use of our site and the assistance coordinating your service.

How do the services get scheduled?

Once the service has been paid for through the registry, Marabou will provide the contact information to the mom to schedule at a time convenient to her.

Mom does not have to schedule through Marabou

Example 1:

Registry created for four house cleanings. Mom decides she wants a clean house when she returns home from the hospital and schedules her first cleaning the week she is due and then each consecutive week after.

Example 2:

Registry created for twenty hours of child care. Mom decides to use those twenty hours a month after she gives birth because her husband returns back to work and she has two older siblings she would like to be cared for during newborn checkups at the hospital

Can I change my service?

You can modify your service to fit your needs in any way you want. Marabou’s mission is bring peace to all new mother’s postpartum recovery. Once the service has been paid for, however, you will not be able to make a change.

In-Home Chef

Marabou In-Home Chef will:
  • Provide six Meals of your choice (dinner, breakfast, lunch)
  • Accomodate any dietary restrictions for you or your family
  • Cook enough to feed your entire family
  • Provide a meal-plan to support a postpartum mother’s nutritional needs
  • Cook specific meals requested
Scheduling will be done directly between Mom and the in-home chef.

House Cleaning

Scheduling will be done directly between Mom and the cleaning provider.

You do not have to schedule cleanings immediately following your birth. You can choose to wait until after your spouse, partner, or yourself goes back to work to ease that transition if you desire.

If your registry is paid in full prior to you giving birth, you can start your house cleaning service even prior to going to the hospital so you come home to a clean house.


If you already have a normal babysitter for older children, we will use them if requested.

Many childcare providers require a minimum number of hours to be used at one time. (two to four hours is a normal minimum requirement).

Scheduling will be done directly between Mom and the child-care provider.

Please see our FAQ page for more questions about starting a Marabou Registry