We are a postpartum registry geared towards providing practical and useful support after childbirth. Moms can setup registries to select services to support their postpartum recovery. Family and friends can contribute and leverage the power of the village and bring peace to more mothers as they enter the journey of motherhood. 

How It Works

1. Choose a Service

Identify a service to support you postpartum. Check our recommendations page for ideas!

2. Submit a Registry Form

Fill out a registry form to get the process started. It helps to have the service’s contact information ready ahead of time.

3. Embrace Peace

We build a customized registry page for you to share with family and friends. Get the whole village behind your postpartum recovery by allowing them to provide this meaningful gift!

"We're taught that we're supposed to bounce back after having babies, which disrespects and dishonours the incredible transformation that occurs when we become mothers."

Beth Berry (Revolution From Home)

Give Support
Not Stuff

Many women feel they receive too many knick-knacks from their baby shower but are left struggling after birth without the support they need.

Let’s change that and start giving mothers what they actually need!

Want to know more?

The Birth Story of my Firstborn

This was a defining story for me, and I feel the need to share this positive experience, because too many American women are fed the idea that birth is a fearful thing. We’re told that birth is unbearable and taught to fear it because it will be the worst thing you’ve ever felt (and then the best). Childbirth – just like postpartum – is terribly misrepresented. So, I’m taking this opportunity to say, birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience.

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