Welcome to Marabou! We are a practical baby shower gift designed to support mothers through the first four weeks with their new baby.  If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who is expecting and would like a gift that is useful and simple, then we are the right place for you. We coordinate professional postpartum doulas to assist new moms for four weeks. During this time, they will provide emotional, physical and informational support. As part of our service, the mother will also receive “NICU Insurance”: extra services at no additional cost to help support your loved one so they can focus on their loved one in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


Sorry, this is a test website at this time. We are currently not offering our full product online. If you have questions please contact us and we’d love to hear about your interest.

Description of Marabou

What is a Marabou baby shower gift?


Marabou LLC coordinates with professional doulas across the country to help support women during those critical four weeks after delivering a baby. Doulas are trained to help women with emotional and physical needs and provide a wealth of knowledge about postpartum struggles, issues, and tips.

Marabou is a postpartum doula service that is crowdfunded among family, friends, and co-workers, with no cost to the mom-to-be. There’s no commitment required and it’s free to sign-up. With the name and the email of the expectant mother, you could be the special person to give her a gift like none other.


One, A gift basket for mom-to-be; a 5 item gift to be presented at her baby shower. two, sixteen hours of postpartum doula care; four, four-hour visits for household, emotional and informational support after baby is born. Three, NICU Insurance; support for the family in the event their baby is placed int he neonatal intensive care unit

What is a doula?

The term “doula” was developed in the 1960s to describe the comforting presence of a friend during labor.  Historically, this type of labor support was used by the Greeks in ancient times, although they were servants and not professionals.  In modern times, doulas have seen widespread usage not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. This recent popularity was brought on by clinical studies which showed that the presence of a doula reduced the need for medical intervention during labor as well as a higher success rate for breastfeeding during the first few days after birth.


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