We are a baby gift registry for mothers who need practical and useful support after childbirth. Family and friends can contribute to any of the packages we offer and the soon-to-be mom will get much-needed help and reprieve after she gives birth.

Our Mission

To aid mothers through postpartum recovery

Gift Support
Not Stuff

Many women feel they receive too many knick-knacks from their baby shower, yet are left struggling after birth without the support they need.

How It Works

1. Choose a Service

Start a Marabou service registry by filling out a registry form

(No Credit Card required)

2. Send a Link

Post, Email, Tweet, Woof a custom link to your village.

Friends, family, and co-workers are always willing to support.

3. Embrace Peace

Embrace postpartum peace and enjoy the service your community has given you

And make sure to thank them!

Two Ways to start a registry

Marabou Packages

Let us find a provider near you

  • Four Full House Cleanings
  • Six Meals from an In-Home Chef
  • Twenty Hours of In-Home Child Care

Find Your Own

Already know a doula? Got a better idea?

Replace a Marabou Service with your own. Give us her contact information and we’ll do the rest.

"We're taught that we're supposed to bounce back after having babies, which disrespects and dishonours the incredible transformation that occurs when we become mothers."

Beth Berry (Revolution From Home)

Need to Know More?

Interview with a NICU Mom

The NICU Experience: Interview with our Friend, Katie

The NICU situation was on our hearts, but we’ve never actually experienced it firsthand. So, we needed help gaining insight on what it’s like. We called a friend of ours, Katie, and asked if we could interview her about her time in the NICU with her daughter, Brynn. We wanted an interview to help us perfect our service for NICU families. But, we also wanted to share with you, for the sake of awareness and understanding of what NICU experiences can be like.

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