What is a Doula?

After you give birth, wouldn’t it be great if your mom was able to come over and spend hours with you, helping you get ahead of the dishes, keeping your other kids entertained and then going home at the end of the day. 

Or maybe a best friend, who you can open up to about your struggles and who won’t bat an eye when you start telling your birth story… again. A doula is just that! They are the best of both worlds and 

Up to 20% of new moms will develop a or perinatal mood or anxiety disorder

I wish I had a doula to get me through my postpartum depression. I had no one! I was on the east coast away from my friends and family, newly married and first kid. I never knew it would be so difficult!


Doulas are that non-medical expert that hold the fountain of wisdom in all things baby.

Curtis Gaynor