A dad with three small children in work gloves about to go clean up their nearby park

Dad Life: Nature Diving

Curt here. I’m the guest blogger who gets to talk about DAD LIFE. Dads get to have all the fun with their kids, and this is just one of those examples.

One of the fun adventures we’ve done regularly is Nature Diving. It’s a terrible turn of the phrase “dumpster diving”, but hey, I’m Dad, nice to meet you. How it works is simply pick a place you think needs cleaning up, put your kids in work gloves, bring a garbage bag and start picking up trash. If you’re a left-wing nut who is all about “Green Peace,” then you can use this idea to save the planet one park at a time! If you’re a right-wing nut who hates careless low life’s throwing trash around, then you can use this to keep the great outdoor sanctuary the way it was supposed to be!

All you need is whatever Daddy Go Bag you take for your kids and add work gloves and a trash bag (or two). BOOM, get diving.

These photos are from an early spring-cleaning trip I took with my kids along our favorite trail near our house. Spring is terrible in Minnesota when it comes to trash, because you can’t pick up trash that’s under all the snow so when all that snow melts… you get the idea. I like to keep my trails and parks clean so I keep gloves and a trash bag in my daddy go bag all the time. My kids have gotten so used to me telling them to pick up trash, that they’ll often see the trash before I do.

18-month-old girl with work gloves
Preschooler boy with work gloves on
A dad and his kids about to clean up a park

Kids can learn to have a blast if you let them leave the “trails” and dig through tall weeds, walk close to river edges, and basically play a never-ending game of scavenger hunt. We have a blast and I hope you do to! Because that means more clean trails and parks. Happy hunting!

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