Marabou water bottle to promote hydration!

New Mom Hydration: The Postpartum Drinking Game

Quirky fact about nursing moms: We. Are. Always. Thirsty. It’s borderline unfair how much water we have to drink just to feel normal. Picture an elephant sucking up an entire pond and that is what we want to be. Give us a proboscis!

Glug! Slurp! Down the hatch! MOAR!

Hydrating well is a full-time job and is also super important for new moms, especially those who are breastfeeding. We are replacing blood lost during childbirth, healing tissues, and establishing milk supply. Things are flowing through us like crazy! And hydration is a must. Looking back, I always knew the importance of postpartum hydration, but I had a hard time remembering to actually drink sufficient water. So, I created this fun spin on an adult game: The Postpartum Drinking Game.

So new moms, find your favorite water bottle (or use this as an excuse to buy a pretty new one), start with a few of these drinking prompts, and work your way up to all of them as you strive for those 64 ounces a day. Add your own to the list according to tasks you find yourself regularly doing. Habits are developed just a day at a time.

One tip: Heng Ou of The First 40 Days recommends drinking mostly warm or room temperature fluids during the postpartum phase to avoid chill, so ditch the ice, drink your water at room temperature and embrace tea! Soon enough, you’ll be as hydrated as that mama elephant in the savannah.

New Moms! Try this fun game for postpartum hydration

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