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Essentials: Daddy Go Bag

Curt here. I’m the token guest blogger who gets to talk about DAD LIFE.

I don’t think ahead very much. And when I’m leaving the house, I’m not going to remember what I thought out anyway, which means something is always forgotten.

To counter this weakness, I pre-pack most things in my life. The best example is for work. Everything that is supposed to go with me in my pockets is in a bowl by the door. If it’s not in the bowl, it doesn’t go to work with me. I have to be very conscious when I use my wallet in the house (like ordering things online) to PUT THE WALLET BACK in the bowl. Otherwise, I show up to work without my ID and can’t get in.

Same thing goes for taking my kids out. This is usually a spur-of-the-moment decision on my part. I might decide we’re going to ride the bus after dinner, or go to a park on a Sunday afternoon, or walk to the bakery a mile away because their donuts are sooooo good that kids will walk all day for one.

But you can’t do kids in public without being prepared and forgetting wet wipes a mile away from home could ruin the adventure. So, I pre-pack a Daddy Go Bag for myself. It’s always packed and sits in the closet until I’m leaving with children.

Here are the things I’ve found necessary for my Go Bag:

  • Lip balm, sun block, bug spray, hand sanitizer
  • Three (3) diapers for each child that needs them
  • First aid kit
  • Baby wipes (the big pack!)
  • Reading material for dad
  • Water bottle or two
  • Work gloves and garbage bags (for spontaneous Nature Diving. Stay tuned, I’ll be writing a whole post on this later.)
  • Snack (non-squishable, like granola or trail mix)
  • Extra change of clothes (for the kids; not shown above)

Do things still go wrong? All the time. Beyond these items, though, if something goes that wrong, it’s good for the kids to suck it up for a bit to get home to deal with it. Good luck, dads, and happy adventures!

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