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Better Beginnings

Premier postpartum support in the Twin Cities

Marabou Services is a service-based gift registry. You can select services, like this one, to support your postpartum recovery. Family and friends contribute to your registry and gift you this amazing service. 

You can never have too much postpartum support.

Basic Care ($890)

20 Hours of Postpartum Doula Care

Full Care ($1,750)

40 Hours of Postpartum Doula Care

* Want more options? Interested in other services? Check out the Better Beginnings website for the full list of services. Prices may differ from those above due to include credit card and administrative fees.

Better Beginnings

At Better Beginnings, our mission is to provide the best postpartum support to our clients through caring, knowledgeable, and professional service during the weeks and months after birth, so that families can enjoy their new baby and transition more easily into their new life together.

Area we Serve

“You integrated gracefully and seamlessly into our family’s rhythms, and that was true from your very first visit. Your presence was gentle and supportive but never intrusive, and both my husband and I grew to trust your wise counsel as we adjusted to life with a second child. I especially cherished your support with breastfeeding. Thank you again for your loving support of our family!”


What is a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum doulas are the end-all-be-all of postpartum support. They take care of your:

Emotional needs by being a listening ear and identifying common perinatal mood disorders, and supporting sibling and whole family adjustment

Informational needs by bringing their professional training to subjects like newborn care, physical recovery from childbirth, trained and knowledgeable breastfeeding support

Physical needs by tidying up your home and making small meals, and laundry


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*There is no financial obligation to starting a registry. If you do not get enough contributions to complete your registry, you will have the option to cancel the registry or fulfill the remaining amount yourself. 

Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Additions on Offer

  • 4 Additional doula hours = $170
  • 1 Postpartum Massage = $210 

What is Marabou Services?

We’re a gift registry! When you sign up for a Marabou registry, family and friends can gift supportive services, instead of stuff. This way, you get the help you need to recover after childbirth. 

You Don't Pay A Thing!

The idea of a gift registry is that OTHER people pay for the gift. Add this registry to your Babylist or other registry so family, friends, and co-workers can gift you something meaningful and practical. We will never ask for your credit card or any other financial information.