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Play Dates Are Actually Mom Dates

I love moms. I love motherhood. I love being a mom. And being around moms. I can’t put words on it, but there’s certainly something special about womanhood being lived together.

I’m almost convinced that play dates are secretly for mothers. Sure, we plan and coordinate. Oh yeah, let’s get the kids together! They’d love it! We say we’ll meet somewhere for the kids. You know – the park or PlayPlace or children’s museum. We tell ourselves this is good for our kids socially.

And, of course, it is. But man, aren’t playdates just so good for us? You could easily argue that the good vibes are even better for moms than for kids.

And mom dates are loaded with benefits.

  • We get to have an actual adult conversation that doesn’t involve a food order.
  • We have common experience – we can commiserate or slap hands in celebration. We can get advice or reassurance or encouragement. All with and from someone who gets it.
  • The kids socialize and have a playmate that doesn’t tucker out in 7 minutes like mom does!
  • We all get fresh air!

And this is all without having to pay a babysitter. Hallelujah!

Here are some mom date ideas that I’ve loved in the past. If any of them inspire you, start coordinating!

  1. Stroller walk + coffee shop + park

This one is my favorite. It’s so simple! Meet at someone’s house, pack all the kids up in strollers and take a long walk to your nearest coffee shop. I’ve found that a mile is the perfect distance. Grab coffee and unload the kids at the nearest park. Sip and play!

  1. Mall park

Mall parks are the best in the dead of winter because it’s where the kids go. Meet at your nearest mall with a park and you’ll have at least an hour to catch up. Most mall parks are also contained so there’s low risk for wanderers.

  1. Host brunch

Hands down, brunch is the best meal of the day. Have a mom and her kids over for a mid-week brunch. Feel free to potluck – you provide the main dish and coffee, she brings a side.

  1. Volunteer together

Local shelter, soup kitchen, or nursing home – kids bring life to these places. Bring your gang together to help out somewhere, and your kids will enjoy shared learning experiences.

  1. Farmers market + picnic

This one is great because you don’t have to pack food! Bring blankets and plenty of water, walk around the market, purchase goodies, and enjoy! Most farmers markets set up where there’s a local park or good seating area.

  1. Community events

For this one, think local library or community center. Keep track of their age-appropriate events and activities and invite along a mom and her littles. Story times, nature walks, STEM activities, and best thing is, most of these events are free!

  1. Park + potluck picnic

Coordinate picnic items and meet at a park. Have lunch and play time. Your kids will be outside for at least two hours and will get plenty worn out.

  1. Seasonal activities

These activities are for enjoying your current season. For summer, think the beach or your city parade. In the fall, go for an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Winter is all about sledding and Christmas events! These come-and-go activities are best enjoyed with friends!

Are you amped up yet? Have some fun out there!

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