Bedside snack basket for nursing and breastfeeding mothers

Mom Tip: Nursing Mothers & Bedside Snacks!

New moms that breastfeed have weird everything.

(Yes. You read that correctly.)

Weird emotions (all the hormones!). Weird boob proportions. Weird chest pressure (time to nurse!). Weird leakage problems. Weird style (#pjsallday).

And – namely – weird football-player-rivaling appetite. This isn’t a problem, except it’s matched with our weird sleep schedule! Food isn’t exactly convenient in the middle of the night.

We’re nocturnal. I mean, babies are around the clock. And we ourselves want to eat everything, usually during these 3 am feedings because baby needs to nurse and be changed and nurse again. So, by the time you sit or lay down to perform said 2nd feeding, your stomach is crying at you, too.

Feeeeed me!

This is why my husband is a genius: he instituted a by-the-bed snack basket. Hooray! Now, I do this every time I’m postpartum and I will preface that though these snacks aren’t awful (in a perfect world, there’d be fruit snacks in there!), I wouldn’t call them highly nutritious. But they do the trick in the middle of the night when you’re hungry and nursing and unwilling to leave your bedroom. They hold you over until morning when the real hearty food can begin.

Here’s how to fashion your own:

Step 1: Get a basket! Whatever will hold a sufficient snack stash. Extra points if it’s pretty and makes you happy. Mine is a 10” x 13” basket.

Step 2: Fill with goodies! Here are some of my must-haves:

  • Granola bars
  • Belvita breakfast crackers
  • Trail mix*
  • Goldfish crackers*
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Dried mango & other fruit*

* For these options, we buy big packages and divvy them up into snack bags. When your wife eats everything, you must be economical!

Step 3: Add a bottle of water (the thirst is real!) and a plastic bag for trash. Optional: wet wipes for your hands.

Easy! Yet so helpful. You can get right back to bed with your newborn and still pack in those much-needed extra 500 daily calories.

Bedside snack basket for new breastfeeding mothers
Mom Tip: Bedside Snacks for a Nursing Mother

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