How to add simple nutrition using walnuts!

Cherry on Top: Walnuts!

As I said in my other post about adding simple nutrition to any dish (see here), I love the ability to add simple and subtle superfoods to my snacks and meals. This is also handy when feeding kids. They can sometimes be … how shall we say … averse to things that are good for them.

As a subtle last touch, I love to add walnuts to many of our dishes. And here’s why:

  1. They’re rich in antioxidants (higher than any other nut! See here and here).
  2. They’re also the highest nut in omega-3s (one serving is enough for your daily intake! See here).
  3. They contain several inflammation-reducing compounds and nutrients, including magnesium and the amino acid arginine. This is huge for disease prevention!
  4. All these nutritional benefits contribute to lowered risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. They promote healthy aging (see here), good brain function (here), and male reproductive health (here and here).
  5. Also: they’re calorie-dense! They satisfy you and fill you up. Some scientists even speculate that they’re satisfying enough to your body that they help you resist unhealthy eating habits (see here).

Phew! See why healthy eating is so important? Super foods are chocked full of all the things your body relies on to protect itself, develop efficiently, and age with grace.

You can add walnuts to pretty much anything: stir fry dishes, curries, and salads! But here are the two things I love to add them to most:

  1. Porridge

My personal favorite is a millet breakfast porridge (find the recipe and PDF printable here). Millet is a little tough to find, but I’ve been able to find it at one branch of my local grocery store. Bob’s Red Mill is also a good source (here) or look at your local health foods store. If you don’t care to search for millet, feel free to use any other porridge recipe that suits you or just go for old fashioned oats.

I prepare this millet from start to finish and then sprinkle hemp seeds and walnuts (chopped up using this) and stir them in. My kids are none the wiser and get all the nutritional benefits listed above.

  1. Homemade bread

Carbs are a great way to get a kid to eat, amiright? I make a wheat walnut bread that also includes sesame, sunflower, and poppy seeds and it’s delicious! All three of my kids are what we call “carb fiends.” They become little gremlins ready to attack for a morsel of bread. They love it! Find the printable for this homemade bread here. Chopped up walnuts are probably necessary here, too (instead of whole). 😉 And don’t let making bread at home intimidate you, it’s super easy to do and incorporate into your routine once you get used to it.

So, there you have it! Walnuts for the win! Add them to your diet and sneak them into your kids’ food!

How to add simple nutrition using walnuts!

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