An Ode to Best Friends

PREGNANCY IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR SOCIAL DECLINE. Have you ever had this thought? Do you lie awake some nights over the loss of normal social interaction? From now on, my friends will think I have become a hermit and all I know is the rotation of: diaper change > nap > nurse > diaper change > nap > nurse > DIAPER CHANGE > NAP > NURSE!

Consciously or not, this is something we fear on some level.

The diaper-change-nap-nurse rotation can feel eternal at times. Like you’re in the 9th circle of hell.

Diaper change!




Notes From Our Survey

A few weeks ago, my husband, Curtis, and I started to hash out our business plan, marketing plan, plans for social media … plans, plans, plans! We were bouncy. Jumping around and getting excited. This idea, that idea; it was a frantic mish mash of compelled thought. Then we stopped and realized we needed to ask the world. Survey Monkey to the rescue! First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who participated. We had almost 400 people give us ideas and insight. I feel like we have the surrounding that we need; and the feedback has been so valuable. I’d like to share some of the things you told us. After giving the survey a few days, Curtis printed the results and we ran (again: bouncy) to the nearest coffee shop to read through them and debrief. We discussed various answers, came up with new ideas, and mused over the things that surprised us.

Let Us Begin

It was a rainy, gloomy night. My husband and I had finally been released from the neonatal ward of US Naval Hospital Yokosuka with our perfect newborn son. We drove to our home and settled in with our 3-day-old. My good friend, Ashley, followed shortly with homemade dinner. Dinner and emotional support. I sat there with my baby, who was perfectly calm, well-fed, content. But as soon as realization sunk in, I panicked.

Ashley. I don’t know what I’m doing.

This is a BABY.

What if I mess up, what if I mess up, what if I mess up.