The Needs of a Postpartum Mother

The postpartum phase is often a mystery to those not experiencing it. It’s even a mystery to me at times, because each postpartum experience is different! I think we focus a lot of energy on the physical needs of a postpartum mother. These are absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt important. Bring her a meal, and nourish her soul too, right?

But, there are other needs that we often forget. Here’s an infographic we created to help remind us of these other needs as we interact with postpartum mothers. Use it as a guide as you prepare to visit a new mother:

Mom physically needs wholesome food. Bring a meal that’s warm and nutritious.

Mom emotionally needs openness and vulnerability. Ask her how she’s doing in a way that’s genuine. And if she seems open to it, be inquisitive to the challenges or concerns she alludes to.

Mom mentally needs quiet and stillness. Take your bells off before you go in, use a soft voice and maintain a peaceful presence.

Mom spiritually needs acknowledgement. Affirm everything she says and – if you feel comfortable – tell her how amazing you think she is for doing all she’s done: labor, childbirth, taking care of a newborn.

The list could go on and on. I think if we all used ideas like this when visiting postpartum mothers, we could forge strong connections and leave mothers feeling refreshing and nurtured, instead of depleted after hosting guests mostly interested in holding the new baby. Onward, support people! Go out there and bless new mothers everywhere.

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