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The Baby Shower Favor with a Toast!

Guest favors at a baby shower are super fun, aren’t they? I love getting a little something to say, Hey, thank you for coming. Enjoy this treat! Usually, favors are used or consumed quickly. This idea is extra fun, though, since you can bring it home and get to have solidarity with the other guests when baby arrives.

Oh, and wine is also good. 😉

This favor is super easy and doesn’t require you to be really crafty or industrious. Just:

  1. Buy small bottles of wine or champagne. You can do a mix of red and white or do all one kind.
  2. Print out toast cards on cardstock (find our printable here). Cut them out, with a paper cutter if you have one. Hole punch and attach two to each bottle with ribbon – one guest copy and one mom copy.
  3. At the shower, have each guest write down her toast for mom and baby – once on each card. She’ll take one card home and mom-to-be will take the other.
  4. When mom announces the birth of her baby, each guest (wherever she is) pours herself the wine and toasts mom and baby. The louder the better! Mom gets to read over all the toasts being said for her and her newborn and know the well wishes everyone has for them.

This ritual allows everyone to connect with mom remotely and for mom to feel connected to everyone else, even before she’s able to take visitors!

To take it a step further, make or buy a beautiful book or box that mom can keep her toasts in. Huzzah!

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