Baby Shower Pass the Prize Game!

Here is a fun game you can play at the next baby shower you host! I will warn you: I come from a snarky and quite sarcastic family, so it’s all I know. This game is best played with a warm group of friends who won’t get offended by being the winner and the one whose “mouth gets her in trouble.”

If I were playing this game, it would most likely be me. 😉

Here’s how the game works:

  1. Beforehand, prepare a prize. Know your audience and choose wisely. It can be wrapped so they don’t see what it is or overt; that’s up to you!
  2. During game time at the shower, hand the prize to the mom-to-be.
  3. You’ll read the poem in the printable below, one stanza at a time, and your guests will pass around the prize accordingly.
  4. When the rhyme is over, the one holding the prize is the winner!

Have fun. I hope it’s a riot for your shower and everyone gets a good laugh!

Find the game PDF here.

Find instructions on how to play here.

Pass the Prize Baby Shower Game

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