Baby Shower Game: Where Do Babies Come From?

This baby shower game is hilarious. Word to the wise hostess: use cautiously, and with the right crowd! A family shower would definitely not jive with this idea. But a close-knit shower with goofy friends or even a co-ed shower with couples who know each other well would be perfect.

  • Download and print the printable below on cardstock.
  • Cut each sheet in half.
  • Each guest gets a game card and writes where they think the baby was conceived.
  • Hand the cards in and have mom-to-be (or couple) read off the guesses.
  • She then chooses a winner at her own discretion – either one that’s closest to the truth or one that makes her laugh the hardest. Her choice!

Winner gets a prize and everyone gets a laugh! Enjoy – but remember, don’t play this game with grandma!

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