Dad Life! Breakfast Machen: Potatoes, Eggs, & Bacon (Workout Edition)

Curt here. I’m the guest blogger who gets to talk about DAD LIFE.

I believe kids should have better nutrition than milk and cereal in the morning. So, I dedicate the first hour of my day to making breakfast for the family. This is the second edition of Breakfast Machen, and it’s a classic with a twist: potatoes, eggs, and bacon (workout edition).

There is nothing special about this recipe. It’s all store bought, and you cook up the whole bag of frozen potatoes so you’ll likely get two breakfasts out of it and won’t have ingredients leftover. It might seem counter intuitive to say it’s nice that the potatoes take a LONG time to fry up (if you do them right) when you have to get out the door for work. Because it takes so long, I have plenty of time for other things. If you’re not trying to get into shape, you can use this extra time for any other tasks that take between five and ten minutes: shaving, getting dressed, reading the paper, checking the weather, sneaking in an episode of The Office, whatever.

This is a classic meal that’s perfect for growing children. I’m not a nutritionist, but growing boys need everything this meal offers. Fatty bacon and greasy potatoes; that’s what the body grows on. Besides, ANYTHING is better than sugar saturated cereal.

Note: this can take about twenty minutes shorter if you have a deep fryer. I’ve survived many years on my $35 flat-top skillet (which is good for mass quantity pancakes also), but the recently acquired deep fryer shortens the potato cook time by twenty minutes. Your choice on what takes priority.

Potatoes, Eggs, and Bacon (workout edition)

Prep: None            Cook: 45 min – 1 hour

Vegetable or canola oil

1 package of frozen cubed potatoes (32 oz.)

1 package of bacon (1 lb.)

Eggs (1 per child, 2 per adult)

1) Set electric skillet to high heat (350) and pour on 1/3 cup of oil.

2) Heat the oil (about 5 minutes) and spread out the frozen potatoes evenly. If it’s coming straight out of the freezer, watch out – it spits!

3) Go and do one set of a workout routine or circuit. (25 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 20 crunches, 10 squats)

4) Turn the potatoes. Add oil if necessary.

5) Repeat steps 3 & 4 five times or as many times as necessary (45 minutes to 1 hour). When potatoes are crispy, remove to a serving bowl.

7) Cook the bacon to taste (watch out – it spits!) and save the excess grease in a reusable container BEFORE cooking the eggs. (Great for substituting for oil in pancakes or re-frying eggs in the future)

8) Cook your eggs to order.

9) Serve eggs with crispy potatoes and bacon. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts: Better than cereal

BOOM! Hearty breakfast.

Good hot, good cold, good for leftovers, good for pushovers, good on a train in the rain and with the kids that cause of all your pain.

Find our printable here.

Tips for this breakfast

Use the time while the potatoes are frying for something productive.

Don’t feel like you have to eat all this food in one sitting. The potatoes are almost better the next morning refried (don’t add oil) and bacon freezes well if you want to keep it for a while.

KEEP the excess grease, it’s great for substituting for oil in pancakes, frying new eggs the next morning or replacing the oil in biscuits for dinner!

Replace the meat with your choice. I often switch it up with sausage links or patties just to keep life interesting.

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