Postpartum Service Registry

We are Marabou Services and we are a platform that provides service-based registries to support new mothers during their postpartum phase. 

Our registries are unique because we pay services directly through the funds raised by the registry.

How It Works

1. Mom's choose a Service

All new mothers have unique needs during their postpartum phase. They may choose anything from a postpartum doula to a weekly house cleaner.

2. Families and Friends contribute

We build a registry page promoting your business and the service you will provide to the mother. Most registries have anywhere from 200-500 visitors before being fulfilled.

3. You get paid in full!!

Once the registry is fulfilled, you get paid prior to starting the service! All payments are made directly from Marabou Services so you just have to do what you do best.

What you need to do

Talk with your client!

  • Contact your interested client! She is an expectant mother looking for support after she gives birth. 
  • Ask “What support are you looking for after birth?” or “How can we help you when your baby arrives?”
  • Determine how many service units (e.g., hours, meals, house cleanings) she would like.

Keep us updated!

  • Send us a quote at We need a quote to build a registry and pay for your services when the registry is fulfilled.
  • Send us your logo and a description ~200 words.  We want to promote you to all her family and friends.
  • Let us know how to pay you. We want to avoid credit card fees whenever possible and are able to send a check. We can accommodate most payment options.

Connect us with new mamas!

Share our service with soon-to-be mother’s in your life! Let them know about this amazing new registry! 

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