Curtis + Carrie Gaynor

Curtis and Carrie have started a service-based gift registry and are asking for your support!

By contributing to this gift, Carrie will receive premier doula support and chiropractic care. She is entering a joyful yet stressful time and greatly appreciates your generosity and love.

  • Twenty hours of postpartum doula care from Better Beginnings MN
  • Two chiropractic adjustments from CHIRO FOR MOMS
  • One deep tissue massage

New mothers need the village as much as the baby does, and childbirth requires a recovery phase free from household, family, and work obligations. By contributing to this gift, you can give the gift of peace to a new mother, or at least a little much-needed rest as she recovers from childbirth.

Marabou is a service-based gift registry that friends, family, and co-workers can use to support a new mother after she gives birth.

Please click the "Support Now" button to contribute to her service gift registry!

Learn more about Better Beginnings MN

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At Better Beginnings, our mission is to provide the best postpartum support to our clients through caring, knowledgeable, and professional service during the weeks and months after birth, so that families can enjoy their new baby and transition more easily into their new life together.

Learn more about CHIRO FOR MOMS

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We are obsessed with providing the best chiropractic care for moms. We address womens' unique physical needs and busy schedules. Chiro For Moms is a chiropractic practice based in Wayzata and Minnetonka that exclusively caters to Women, Moms & Children.

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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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    Curtis + Carrie Gaynor
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Carrie Gaynor has started a registry asking you to support her postpartum recovery with postpartum doula and chiropractic care

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