Curtis and Carrie Test

Curtis and Carrie have signed up for a Marabou service-based gift registry. Your contributions will gift her sixteen hours of postpartum doula care to ensure her recovery from childbirth is full of peace and much-needed rest. Please consider contributing to her registry!

Marabou is a service-based gift registry that friends, family, and co-workers can use to support a new mother after she gives birth.

New mothers need the village as much as the baby does, and childbirth requires a recovery phase apart from household, family, and work obligations. Marabou offers a way for the village to come together to alleviate those burdens and allow a mother to get the much-needed rest she needs to recover slowly and fully from childbirth.

Curtis and Carrie have started this registry and are asking you to support her with a service that would best serve her postpartum.

Please click the "Support Now" button to contribute to her service gift registry!



  • Curtis Gaynor
    Curtis and Carrie
  • Curtis Gaynor
    Curtis and Carrie
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Marabou is a service-based gift registry. Friends, family, and co-workers can gift a service to a soon-to-be mom that will give her the peace and rest she needs after delivering her child.

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