Mom Tip: How to NOT Hate your Tupperware Cupboard

Tupperware: the ultimate love-hate relationship. Why is it that when you finally find the appropriately sized container, you cannot. Find. The. Lid?! I remember even when I was a kid, I despised my parents’ lid drawer. Scavenger hunt every time! And not in a good way. 

Shortly after we got married, my husband and I invested in our favorite universal Tupperware. But even so, containing it all drove us nuts. We thought stacking them in a cupboard would be fine, except when all the lids would fall out every time we moved one and we weren’t fans of losing that precious cupboard space. But sticking them on a low shelf is arduous, too. You have to get on your knees to find the one you want, which is inevitably in the back. Try getting back up again with an infant in one hand and the toddler sticking his head in asking, “What you looking for, mom?” as he grabs anything and everything.

In a rare stroke of genius my husband changed my life: he put them all into two baskets! Whaaaaat!

We fall into the category of storing all our Tupperware in bottom shelves. It’s a narrow shelving area, and pretty deep, so finding the right container was difficult. Until, that is, my husband came up with the basket idea. One – stored on the bottom shelf of our cupboard – is for larger containers and is usually used for leftovers after dinner. The other basket sits on top and holds the smaller guys. I pull that one out for packing up snacks and smaller items.

What a simple solution to an otherwise painful experience! There are only two types of lids, so all the small lids stay with the small containers, and all the large lids stay with the large containers!

Another added benefit is that instead rummaging around the shelf to find the four or five different containers I need, I just pull out an entire basket and work with it on the countertop. I pull as I need without having to bend over and reach into the cupboard when I inevitably forget one I need.

Prepping snacks and packing away leftovers is a breeze. Ah, when something in motherhood is simplified! I hope this tip helps you, too!

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