Mom Tip: Grocery List Categories

Mom Tip: Grocery List Categories

When you go to the grocery store with 3 kids, the ability to think clearly is gone. I think kids know this. Maybe this is why they ask for Cheez Its 47 times. We think it’s a mindless and hope-filled repetition when really, it’s strategy. They know that stress is breaking down our brain matter and eventually, autopilot will kick in and say, Blarg! Fine, whatever you want!

This is why navigating your list through the aisles is so painful sometimes! It’s inevitable that you miss something while you’re in that section and every other section you go through, resulting in a bouncing-back-and-forth between the four walls of Cub Foods. More thinky no good.

Because of this (and I’m not sure what irreversible brain damage has already been caused!), I categorize my paper grocery list. I do as much thinky as I can in my own house – beforehand – when I’m still clinically sane. But this isn’t just another Pinterest-promotable idea that is centered around your crafting ability and aesthetic design. This is LESS work for you. This idea is the most practical and integrative way of putting together your grocery list that you don’t have to think too hard on and can be done by anybody.

Fold a piece of paper into thirds. That’s it.

Top third is produce: fruits, vegetables, and random salad dressings I can’t resist. Also, the bulk section.

Middle section is grocery: The aisles! Anything on a shelf in a box or can.

The bottom third is broken down into two: dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, COFFEE CREAMER) and frozen foods (mmm, hash browns!).

This simple idea has revolutionized my grocery prep and shopping experience.

Find my printable in full sheet format here and in half-sheet format here. But honestly, avoid wasting the paper if you can and just use scrap paper you have laying around (school flyers, church bulletins, etc.). Easy peasy.

Now, get out there, mama! Good luck, and Godspeed.

Mom Tip: Grocery List Categories
Mom Tip: Grocery List Categories

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