Mom Tip: Empty Tote Goes in Your Car!

You finally return to your house after a long outing with your kids. You got a lot done. You ran the errands you needed to tackle. You took the kids to their favorite park. You fed them and wore them out and it was pretty great! You pull into your driveway, feeling accomplished in your day and satisfied at a job well done. You park the car and turn to give your kids a look of peace. It’s quickly wiped from your face when you see that the car has imploded all of its contents. Snacks are everywhere. Toys are everywhere. Shoes are everywhere. Kids clothes are everywhere (despite everyone still being dressed. Did their shirts replicate??).

Sound like a familiar scene (familiar meaning experienced every. single. day.)? I was so fed up with having to deal with car debris that I started leaving a tote bag in there at all times. And let me tell you, it has helped me deal! Keeping a bag in your car makes for a quick round up of all the annoying tidbits that your kids shed.

Any bag will do, but if you’re a knitter, this bag is fantastic. It expands like crazy, is super easy to make, and is durable, especially if you use cotton yarn.

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