Because it takes a village

A gift registry for support, not stuff

Based on the needs of women and professional advice we recommend any of the services below. But don’t let us tell you what to do! You know your needs better than anyone else. 

Marabou's Recommended Services

Postpartum doulas are the end-all-be-all of postpartum support. They take care of your:

Physical needs by tidying up your home and making small meals, and laundry

Emotional needs by being a listening ear and identifying common perinatal mood disorders, and supporting sibling and whole family adjustment

Informational needs by bringing their professional training to subjects like newborn care, physical recovery from childbirth, trained and knowledgeable breastfeeding support, and more

Do you have specific dietary needs?

Does your partner have to work and dinners are daunting while you recover?

How are you going to feed your family?

Find an in-home chef to cook meals right in your home just the way you want them. Most personal chefs will take requests for specific meals, but if you want the chef to put together a meal plan with postpartum nutrition in mind, we’ll provide them guidance based on professional advice.

The greatest challenge new mothers face is being able to keep the house clean and tidy. We’re not talking about impressing guests, we’re talking basic hygiene to keep your whole family healthy.

Professional house cleaning services are a great way clean your house top to bottom, including toilets, kitchens, and getting rid of dust particles often attributed to early respiratory issues.

Once a week cleaning throughout your recovery period will keep your family and newborn healthy and give you peace of mind.

For many women, childbirth isn’t your first rodeo and going from one to two, or two to three is a big jump!

How are you going to keep the older kids engaged? Will you be able to take them with you to postpartum doctor’s visits or get them to school? Will you have the energy to entertain them while caring for your newborn?

What’s great about this, is you can use your neighborhood babysitter, or find someone through your church. Whomever you feel comfortable with in your area. Taking a load off your shoulders a few days a week will help keep your older children’s emotional well-being steady while you recover from childbirth.

Looking for Ideas?

Choosing a Service

Ask a friend

If this is your first pregnancy and you don’t know where to begin? Start with someone you know who’s been through postpartum and ask them these questions:

  • Who was most helpful for you after you gave birth?
  • What was the most challenging thing to accomplish while you were recovering?
  • If you could do it again with a supporting service, what would you choose?

Take to Google

Once you decide what would best support you, search for providers in your area. Use “House cleaners near me,” “Personal chefs near me,” or “Massage therapists near me” in your search. Also try your local city guide, coupon book,, or Angie’s List for vetted individuals and businesses.

If seeking out postpartum doula support, every major Doula organization has easy ways to find compatible doulas near you:

Know Thyself

No matter what suggestions you get, the support you receive postpartum needs to be for YOU. If the friend you talk to cares more about cleanliness and you prioritize nutrition, opt for a personal chef or doula. Other things to consider:

  • Is personal connection with the service provider important to me?
  • Am I concerned about environmental impact?
  • Does their religious affiliation affect the service they provide?
  • How much can I predict my family and friends will contribute to a registry? What is a comfortable quote for me?

Still Stumped?

We get it! There are a lot of unknowns when planning for postpartum.

We want to help. Send us a message on our “Contact Us” page. We love to chat about postpartum care or to just say hello.

What does it cost?

Your registry amount is based on the service you choose. Select a service that is within a reasonable price range your friends and family can afford. You should be able to find a service that provides sufficient postpartum care for $300-$800. That may be affected if you live in an area with a high cost of living. Marabou adds $50 to the final cost of the service for the development of your registry page and assistance coordinating your service.

Can I change my service?

Our registries collect money to provide you a service. How you choose to spend that money is up to you. Marabou’s mission is to bring peace to postpartum. 

If you have collected $300 for a cleaning service and found a connection with doula before giving birth, just let us know at so we don’t pay the wrong business!

How It Works

1. Choose a Service

Yay! You just did that. Now go on to Step Two.

2. Submit a Registry Form

Fill out a registry form to get the process started. It helps to have the service’s contact information ready ahead of time.

3. Embrace Peace

We build a customized registry page for you to share with family and friends. Get the whole village behind your postpartum recovery by allowing them to provide this meaningful gift!

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