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Marabou Services is a service-based gift registry. You can select services, like this one, to support your postpartum recovery. Family and friends contribute to your registry and gift you this amazing service. 

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Single Session ($320)

Signature Brain Spa service is actually 1-1.5 hours long, and includes:

  • A wellness evaluation
  • A Brain Rejuvenating Neurofeedback session
  • A Heart Syncing Inner Balance session
  • Singlet Oxygen Therapy
  • A Collagen Stimulating photobiomodulation treatment

Transformative Package ($2,150)

Package of 10 sessions!

Recommended for those serious about transforming their lives. Profound shifts typically take place around 10 sessions.

Brings your brain to peak performance and emotional health.

We’ve created a revolutionary form of self care for mothers through a premier, at home service. Nurtured Brain provides the ultimate experience for self optimization through restoring balance within the central nervous system, syncing breathwork with the heart’s rhythm, rejuvenating collagen production, and charging the cell’s mitochondria all with cutting edge tech, using a holistic approach. Our mission is to facilitate self healing, and aid in your transformation through nurturing your brain. We enhance your natural neuroplasticity through brain training and mindfulness tools, ultimately helping you create the best version of yourself. We use only the most advanced methods that are non-invasive, safe for pregnancy, with zero side effects that empower your mind and body to self optimize.

Why is Nurtured Brain so great for new moms?

 Pregnancy, birth and motherhood bring about huge emotional changes for women, and neurofeedback is such a safe and gentle way to be supported through these changes. It has the ability to relieve depression, anxiety, rage, ocd, aversion, ptsd, trauma and various other emotions that can arise during this vulnerable time.
Our philosophy is that emotional intelligence is the foundation for a successful life. It’s in our ability to regulate our own emotions, the way we handle stress, our capability to shift our perception, and our ability to stay in the present moment while connecting with our loved ones that make the most impact on not only our children, but our own self worth. It’s the way we take care of ourselves mentally that serves us well in life. Having our emotional needs met enables kindness, and kinder humans lead to raising a kinder generation. We all know how important self care is, so let’s upgrade your self care by doing something that’ll achieve long term gains.

“The greatest gift we can give our children is our own emotional wellbeing.”

What are some benefits of Neurofeedback?

Just like muscles, our brains need us to engage the tools to “exercise” the brain for optimal emotional and mental fitness.  The same way we do different exercises for each body part, there are different approaches for each area of brain fitness.

Cognitive Performance

Also called executive functioning, cognitive performance is what we commonly refer to as “intelligence.” Intelligence has trainable abilities, including focus, memory, word recall, mental clarity, and the ability to organize our thoughts. 

Emotional Well-Being

This is our ability to stabilize our emotions, respond appropriately to situations, choose how and when we express our emotions and adapt to stressors. Being able to reset ourselves and manage our stress is key to feeling contentment and in control of one’s life.

Peak Performance

Have you ever felt “in the zone?” This is what is referred to as peak performance or “flow state.” Many people enter a flow state by accident, but like other aspects of brain health, this can be trained. Here, we train to brain to intentionally achieve peak performance.


Sleep is both a cause and effect of brain wellness. Sleep is vital for maintaining brain health. It is also one of the first areas affected when our brains are not functioning optimally. Managing sleep is a common goal for people using brain training tools and mothers alike.

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What is Marabou Services?

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