We need to stop viewing postpartum support as a luxury and start seeing it as a necessity!

Too often mothers:

⇒ Are far from their family and friend support network

⇒ Financially constrained by a budget

⇒ Feel societal pressure to “bounce back” after labor

⇒ Need to work to pay the bills, and don’t take time off

What Marabou Services stands for:

All new mothers need time to rest and recover from childbirth

All new mothers should be supported by the “village” or “tribe”

All new mothers should have a doula

Doulas should be paid for what they do

The world needs doulas and doulas need Marabou

"The way a woman cares for herself postpartum determines how long she will live."

Too many doulas accept barter deals in exchange for their services, because they believe so strongly in supporting new mothers. However, you can’t pay the bills with ten free hair cuts. Doulas are invaluable and we want to make them accessible to all of America. We want them to be paid for their services. We want to change the way America perceives the postpartum period.

Who are we?

Marabou is a unique gift registry that aims to provide services for expecting (or new) mothers.

Those services include doula services, but also house cleanings, in-home chefs, child care, etc…

Since services are more expensive than a typical $30 baby shower gift, we have built a platform that leverages the power of crowdfunding so any mother who has a network of 30-60 friends, family or co-workers who would be willing to give $20-$30 each, can have a service that can support her through her postpartum period.

Doulas Get Paid

How? Click through the slides below to learn how we can help you get paid. We want you to get paid for the value you bring to new mothers. But not all new mothers can afford your services. We help by giving you a platform so you can reach more mothers with your skills.

Doula charges $850 for her services
Potential client can't afford an $850 package
There are so many reasons expecting mothers choose not to invest in themselves. Often there are real budgetary constraints, but also doula services are perceived as a luxury (which they definitely are not).
Client agrees to let doula start a gift registry
No credit cards are used to create the registry and there are no financial obligations for the doula or their clients, however, for privacy concerns make sure you have permission to start a gift registry with their name.
Marabou builds a custom gift registry
1) Customized gift registry 2) Custom Facebook group 3) Gift Registry Handbook
Doula and client distribute the link
Distribute the registry link via Facebook or email to family, friends and co-workers.
Scenario 1: Full Amount is Raised
Ideally, the village comes together and the full amount is raised. Credit card charges will be made to family and friends who pledged. Marabou then forwards the funds to the doula's account via bank-to-bank transfer.
Scenario 2: The Full Amount is Not Raised
If the full amount is not raised, your client may decline to pay the balance, no credit card charges will be made on pledged funds. The registry will be closed. If your client decides to pay the balance, credit card charges will be made and funds forwarded to the doula's account.
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What Happens

Your client will have a unique page with your information on it asking her family and friends to contribute towards a doula for her baby shower gift.

This page can be added to other gift registries like Babylist. Even if the full amount is not raised by family and friends, couples are more likely to pay any amount leftover even if just a little bit is contributed. 

How It Works for Doulas

1. Notify Marabou

Notify Marabou via email or by filling out a registry form

2. Distribute the Link

Encourage your client to distribute the link to their registry page.

Facebook, email, church bulletins or at work are all great places to focus.

3. Get Paid

Once the target goal of the registry has been reached (aka: the cost of your services) you will be paid in full.

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