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The New Mom Gift Guide

One of the reasons we exist is that a lot of the gifting energy surrounding the birth is targeted at the baby. While it’s lovely to receive baby clothes after your little one is born, receiving a gift as the mom – for you and about you – is extra meaningful. It’s a subtle reminder that you are not forgotten, and that people realize you need TLC after the baby is born, too.

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What I Did for a Peaceful Postpartum

Postpartum is difficult by nature. But it is significantly more doable with proper support and rest. Each postpartum phase since my first (unbearably challenging) one has been an experiment in How can I make this better? Fortunately, the postpartum phase I’m currently experiencing – my fourth – has been exponentially better than the other three. Here’s how I did things differently to make my postpartum experience more peaceful and my recovery more complete:

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SIX Alternative Baby Shower Ideas!

Baby showers are a prenatal necessity… once, maybe twice. But perinatal support is necessary with every pregnancy. Every time a mother is pregnant, her body, mind, and spirit require a recovery period, and one way to lend a hand in that arena is to embrace alternative baby showers and throw a nesting party! The idea is simple: you gather as mom’s friends and family and help her nest! Whatever would help an expectant mother prepare for her baby and her postpartum phase is fair game, but here are a few specific ideas:

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