What is NICU Assurance?

NICU Assurance

A unique Marabou offer to support new mothers through the challenges of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

What families with NICU Assurance receive

House Cleaning

A cleaning service will come in and professionally clean your house top to bottom, giving you a peaceful, clean environment for you and your family.


Twnety hours of nanny or babysitting in your home so you can focus on your child in the NICU and meeting with doctors.

Pet Care

Ten hours of pet care to take care of the walks, feeding, and necessary hugging that all little creatures need. Your focus needs to be elsewhere, they understand.

Errand Running

Fifty dollars towards any items you need delivered to you at the hospital. Maybe you need a book light, or a journal, or you’re Hangry. A delivery boy will bring what you need to the hospital.

We will continue these services and more until you are no longer in the NICU. 

Families experience an increase level of stress when their child is in the NICU, which can affect their emotional health. Marabou wants to alleviate that stress and care for the whole family while their newest bundle of joy is cared for by medical professionals.

Check out our blog to hear one woman’s experience in the NICU and how she overcame it with the support of her community.

A case managers are on standby to receive your call at any time, day or night, and we will respond quickly to help alleviate the burdens your family may experience while in the NICU.

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